India’s Moon landing attempt, ‘Chandrayaan-2’ failed; Contact with the Vikram lander, lost.

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In a huge disappointment, communications from the Vikram Lander of Chandrayaan-2 to the ground station of the Indian Space Research Organisation were lost before touchdown, as the nation eagerly awaited the probe’s soft landing on the hitherto unexplored lunar south-pole, in the early hours of today.

As the powered descent of the lander began at around 1.38am – local time, scientists at the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Telemetry Tracking & Command Network were glued to their terminals, anticipating the soft landing.

They clapped and cheered, as the moon lander completed the rough braking phase, before the fine braking phase started.

However, it was then that the scientists started becoming tense.

They subsequently declared that Chandrayaan-2 approached the Moon as “normal’, until an error occurred about 2.1 kilometres from the surface.

India’s Space Research Organization lost contact, seconds before the ship was expected to land.

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