‘Chandrayaan-2’ to be in use, despite losing lander

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The Indian Space Research Organisation says, it will continue to operate the ‘Chandrayaan-2’ Unmanned Lunar Probe for another year, despite losing contact with the ‘Vikram’ Lander that was intended to land on the Moon.

The Lander that separated from ‘Chandrayaan-2’ was scheduled to land near the south pole of the Moon; however, it suddenly lost contact after descending to 2.1 kilometres above the lunar surface.

However, the lunar probe’s Orbiter is still orbiting, 100 kilometres above the polar region as planned, and will be used to investigate the existence of water on the Moon, for another year.

Water is said to exist in the form of ice in the Moon’s south polar region.

The landing attracted worldwide attention, as the water could likely be used as a source of oxygen for humans, and as a source of hydrogen to fuel spacecraft

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