Through “Enterprise Sri Lanka”, loans amounting to 90,000 million rupees have been obtained by 53,000 entrepreneurs

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Speaking at the inauguration of the third “Enterprise Sri Lanka” Exhibition at the Mutraweli area in Jaffna yesterday, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe said, the path is now open for the people of Jaffna to lead a comfortable life, after employment opportunities were created in many sectors, including Constructions and Tourism, under the government’s development drive.
The Premier further stated, once the Palali Airport is upgraded and declared open, tourism in the North will see a further boost.

The Premier noted, the trade-centred-economy that prevailed in Jaffna was destroyed by the three-decade-long era of terrorism. The Premier pledged to take all necessary actions to develop the Jaffna district, in a country where everyone can live without fear. He emphasized, on a journey in which the country is moving forward, whilst bringing about reconciliation amongst the races, no room should be left for a recurrence of incidents such the Easter Sunday attacks.

Through the lending schemes on offer under “Enterprise Sri Lanka” loans amounting to 90,000 million rupees have been obtained by 53,000 individuals. The Premier observed, as a result of “Enterprise Sri Lanka”, a large number of entrepreneurs have come to the forefront, in the business sector.

The Premier also participated in the inauguration of the Jaffna Central Bus Stand and the Munnesh-waran Road, whilst the foundation stone for the Jaffna Town Hall was also laid by the Premier.

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