The foundation stone for the Port Access Elevated Highway, laid today,

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe says, the country cannot be stuck within the “British economic system” that was introduced in the 19th century.
Joining in the ceremony to lay the foundation stone for the Port Access Elevated Highway today, the Premier said, therefore, the country needs to proceed towards a “new economy”.
He noted, the present government had to take the responsibility of a country that faced a debt trap, whilst exports had crumbled.
The premier pointed out, surmounting all challenges, an era of “rapid progress” was brought about, instead of mere “babbling”.
He pointed out, the debts incurred owing to the Sooriya-wewa Cricket Stadium also had to be paid by the present government.
He concluded, by upgrading the Colombo metropolis, including the roadways and the Port, Sri Lanka will be on its way to become the “Hub of the Indian Ocean”.
Joining in the event, Minister Kabeer Hashim said, whilst bringing about an enormous transformation within the city limits of Colombo, the government was able to take development to the rural areas as well, in an accelerated manner.
Also joining in the event, Minister Patalie Champika Ranawaka said, the Colombo City gets a new value by the implementation of this project, whilst Minister Sagala Ratnayake pointed out, this project will constitute to ease the vehicular traffic congestion experienced in Colombo and will enhance the efficiency of the Port.

The Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Chen Xuang and representatives of the Chinese Engineering Company carrying out the project were present.

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