Today is Binara Full Moon Poya Day.

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Today is Binara Full Moon Poya Day. The Binara Poya Day holds special significance for Buddhists across the globe for numerous reasons including the anniversary of the commencement of the Meheni Sasanaya.

When Lord Buddha was residing at Nigrodharamaya in the city of Kapilavasthu, Mahaprajapathi Gothami requested permission for women to enter the Order.

After laying down the eight tenets of the code to be followed by the Bhikkhunis, Lord Buddha granted permission for the women to enter the Order.

Sil campaigns and many religious programmes have been organized in the temples and Buddhist centers islandwide to mark Binara Poya.

The National Radio live broadcast Poya Day programmes from Sri Kalyanawanshikarama Temple at Venna Watta in Kolonnawa.

Ruhunu Sevaya distributes religious programmes from Thavalama Sri Ashokarama ancient temple

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