The Prime Minister says more attention will be paid on climate change in future.

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe says that Sri Lanka has identified the need to build large cities and developing them as green cities.
He was speaking at the conference of World Renewable Energy Congress Network at Colombo today. The conference titled as, ‘Green Colombo’ has brought eminent speakers on the subject around the globe to the country.

Speaking further the prime minister said that one of the first programme started by the present government was Mega-polis, which is to modernize and inter connect the cities. The prime minister said all of them must be green cities.

He said the government is also paying attention to other aspects such as renewable energy in power supply, transport system and domestic electricity supply.

He further said when the government came to power it had many issues to handle such as re-establishing democracy, building reconciliation, high amount of debts.

The prime minister said the government now has the space to look at issues such as climate change.

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