The Elections Commission says, it is mandatory to affirm one’s identity when voting at the upcoming Presidential Election

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The Elections Commission states, it is mandatory to prove one’s identity, when voting at the upcoming Presidential Election.

Thereby, voters need to produce a valid identification document, such as: the National Identity Card, a valid Passport, a Valid Driving License, a Pensioners’ Identity Card, a Senior Citizen’s Identity Card or an identity card issued for the clergy by the Department for the Registration of Persons.

The Elections Commission has instructed all Returning Officers to issue Special Identity Cards for voters who have not obtained a National Identity Card, or are not in position of a valid identity card.
The application for a Special Identity Card can be obtained from the relevant Grama Niladari, or – in the event of an estate sector worker – from the Estate Superintendent.

The completed application form needs to be handed over to the relevant Grama Niladari or the Estate Superintendent, before the 9th of next month.

The Election Commission further states, if individuals who have applied for a new NIC have not received their NIC by the 4th of November, such individual also needs to apply for the Special Identity Card.

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