Spain will hold its fourth General Election today, to try and break the country’s deadlock

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The Spaniards return to the polls today, for the fourth time in four years, in a climate weighed down by the Catalan crisis, and the rise of the extreme right that claims to solve the crisis by the strong way.

Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez calls on the 37 million voters, to give him a clear mandate, to put an end to the political instability in Spain, for almost four years.

However, all opinion polls indicate that they will not give him a clear mandate, and even if he wins, he will have to settle for a minority government, and negotiate support – on a case-by-case basis – to adopt a budget or enact laws.

According to opinion polls, the Spanish Socialist Workers Party would lose several of its 123 seats, whilst the conservatives of the Popular Party would recover from the worst result of their history – 66 seats.
The Vox – which is the party of the extreme right that entered Parliament in April with 24 seats – would become the third force, with more than 40 deputies.

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