Bolivia’s ruling party demands support for President

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Bolivia’s governing party has called on its supporters to defend President Evo Morales, after police in some cities, joined protests against him.

Demonstrators accuse Mr Morales – who is Latin America’s longest-serving leader – of rigging last month’s election to secure a fourth term.

Yesterday, opposition protesters overran two state-run media outlets in La Paz, and forced them off air.

Mr Morales denies any wrongdoing, and says he will not resign.

The country’s Defence Minister says, there are no plans to deploy the military to quell the “police mutiny”; whilst Bolivia’s armed forces – for their part – say, they will never go against the people, as the crisis needs to be solved by democratic means.

The President’s main rival – Carlos Mesa – has rejected an offer of dialogue, instead insisting on new elections and Mr Morales’ resignation.

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