Constructing of model villages reaches a century

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The 100th reawakened village, Kailayapuram in Mangauttu in the Trincomalee district will be vested in the people tomorrow by Minister Sajith Premadasa. This village comprises with 22 houses and other facilities. The present reawakening village programme is a community participated housing development project. The beneficiaries selected by a land Kachcheri, will be allocated a plot of land for the construction his or her house. A loan will also be granted at low interest rate.

The beneficiaries will have the opportunity of constructing their houses at their choices with using their labour. The construction work of these houses commenced on the 29th of January last year. The present reawakening village programme initiated from Thissamaharama electoral division laying foundation to the ‘Sahana Gama’ reawakened village.

The villages will be constructed for teachers, indigenous medicine sector, state officials, police, Ranaviru, sports, media, artistes and other various sector covering all the communities. Over 960 reawakened villages are now in progress islandwide.

‘Siribopura’ Sri Amaradeva village in Hambanthota was vested with the public in honour of Dr. Pandith Amaradeva

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