The government provides many relief measures during the past few days for economic development.

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State Minister Wasudeva Nanayakkara says that it is the responsibility of everyone to defeat conspiracies against the government. During a media briefing in Colombo today, he said that certain elements are spreading falsehoods to damage the reputation of the government. He said that this should be immediately looked into. The government has given many benefits to develop the economy during the past few days. Minimizing the income gap is one of the basic concepts of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa. State Minister Nanayakkara said that the government led by the President will not allow any agreement that is against the sovereignty of the country. He pointed out the present situation of the millennium cooperation agreement seriously endangers the unitary nature of the country. Speaking on the occasion, leader of Lanka Samasamaja Party Prof. Thissa Witharana said the President is keen to make a major economic development of the country based on information technology.

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COVID-19 Situation Report
2020-May-25 | 19:05

Total Confirmed Cases - 1,182
Active Cases - 477
New Cases - 41
Total number of individuals in hospitals - 79
Recovered & Discharged - 695
Deaths - 10