The defence secretary makes an official visit to Army Head Quarters

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Defence Secretary Major General Kamal Gunarathne made an official visit to Army Head Quarters. The Secretary Defence during his maiden visit to the new Army Headquarters at Sri Jayewardenepura yesterday morning, called upon all Army Officers to shoulder the responsibility of national security and ensure the safety for our entire nation as a huge task that lies ahead of them since military career is the most noble profession in the world.

The Defence Secretary on arrival at the Army Headquarters was honoured in a drive-past Guard Turnout before he was saluted in a separate Guard of Honour in front of the Commander’s office complex. Sri Lanka Light Infantry troops with its Regimental mascot, ‘Kandula’ presented the honours after the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva warmly received the day’s Chief Guest to the new Army Headquarters.

In his address to a representative gathering of Senior Officers after his courtesy call on the Commander of the Army at his office where formalities, inclusive of exchange of mementos, group photo-taking and signing of the Visitors’ Book, took place, the visiting Secretary Defence remarked that the military service, being the most noble profession in the world, needs to be looked at always with pride and honour and one should not let it down.

The Defence Secretary also stated that with the regime change, the main attention is focused on national security. The President, himself and the Commander of the Army would not let down the national security concerns of the public. The public can keep confidence on the present government with regard to the national security.

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