The international Human Rights day falls today

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The International Human Rights Day falls today. This day was declared by United Nations way back in 1948 on 10th December. The main objective of this declaration is to show the value of human rights to the world countries. The declaration was unanimously approved by the United Nation Council for Human Rights in 1948. Accordingly, this particular day is commemorated on 10th of December every year. The human race has human rights and fundamental rights. The particular charter describes the main clauses relating to human rights. World countries organized many local events to mark this day.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet releasing a media communiqué stated that this has been a year of tremendous activism – notably by young people. It is particularly fitting that this year’s Human Rights Day during the crucial UN conference in Madrid to uphold climate justice. The world countries along with the UN entity owe a debt of gratitude to all those millions of children, teenagers and young adults who have been standing up and speaking out more and more loudly about the crisis facing the planet.

A series of functions have been organised in Sri Lanka to mark this day.

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