The Sri-Pada Pilgrimage Season begins

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The Sri-Pada Pilgrimage Season begins on Unduvap Full Moon Poya Day (11/12/2019).

Chief incumbent of the Sri Pada Viharaya and Chief Prelate of the Rathnapura Maha Disaawa: Venerable Bengamuwe Dhammadinna Thero says, all facilities have been provided to the devotees arriving at the peak of the Samanala Kanda, to pay homage.

The Thero further states, the three access roads frequently used by the devotees have been reconstructed, and the ‘resting huts’ on the way have also been renovated, whilst electricity, water and sanitation facilities have been provided.

Meanwhile, food items sold to the devotees during the pilgrimage season will be checked by the health authorities.
The ban on polythene will be strictly enforced.
Police check points will be placed for the security of the devotees, and a health centre will be underway at the Siripa Maluwa, together with an ambulance service operating from Nalla-thanniya.

The Chief Incumbent calls on the pilgrims to extend their support to conserve the environment of the Adam’s Peak, which is a valuable natural resource of the country.

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