The government takes several measures to improve passenger services in the country

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Plans have been made to abolish the semi luxury bus service. Minister Mahinda Amaraweera said, it has become evident that this semi luxury bus service does not provide any facilities to the public. Taking part in the Subaharti programme aired by the SLBC this morning the Minister further said the government will take several measures to improve the passenger transport services in the country. In future, the public and private sectors are permitted to import only bus bodies for the convenience of the passenger. The present practice is converting lorry bodies into buses by placing the bus body on them and it creates much inconvenienced to passengers .Action will be taken to regularize the broadcasts of songs and other music programmes and the telecast of films and other material on TV inside the buses as they are not passenger -friendly , at present ,A mechanism will be set in place to deal with bus crews who do not adhere to these instructions .A card system will be introduced to pay the bus fare .It will help the owner of the buses to receive the real income from the conductors as well. Separate bus lanes will be introduced in order prevent unnecessary delays faced by the passengers.

The minister also said that the government will work to improve the railway services for the benefit of passengers.

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