The number of national schools, to be increased to 1,000

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Joining in the media briefing to announce Cabinet decisions, Minister Dallas Alahapperuma said, Cabinet approval has been received to increase the number of national schools to 1,000.

At present there are 374 national schools in the country.

The Minister points out, there are 330 divisional secretariat zones in the country, but 124 of them do not have national schools.

In the Colombo District, 37 national schools are situated across 13 divisional secretariat zones. The Minister says, this is not a fair situation; therefore, a technical committee will be appointed to inquire into this.

In addition, Cabinet approval has also been received to revise the existing ‘Z’ Score system, when selecting students to universities.
Currently, university admissions are done giving a 40 per cent quota to the Island-wide Competency Level, 55 per cent to the District Competency Level, and a 5 per cent quota is given for students from remote areas.

The minister states, it has been noted that students in remote areas are faced with an injustice due to this system.
Therefore, it has been proposed, instead of the District Competency Level, to enrol a percentage of 55, on a “Schools Basis”.

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