The British Conservative Party wins a landslide victory

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British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party has won a resounding victory in Britain’s Parliamentary Election, after voters backed his bid to deliver Brexit on the 31st of January.

Britain’s exit from the European Union is the country’s most significant geopolitical move in 70 years.

For Johnson, whose 20-week tenure in power has been marked by chaotic scenes in Parliament and stark division on the streets over Britain’s tortuous departure from the European Union, the victory in yesterday’s contest is vindication.
A landslide Conservative Party win would mark the ultimate failure of the opponents of Brexit, who plotted to thwart the 2016 referendum vote, through legislative combat in Parliament.

The Conservatives have won 364 seats, which is more than sufficient, for a comfortable majority in the 650-seat parliament.
It is the largest national election win for the Conservative Party, since Margaret Thatcher’s 1987 triumph.

The Labour Party has won 203 seats – which is the worst result for the party since 1935 – after they offered voters a second referendum, and the most radical socialist government in generations.
The Labour Party, if it is defeated by the margins shown in the exit poll, now faces a virtual ‘civil war’ between the socialists who control it, and the more moderate factions which will demand power.
Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected in his own north London electoral seat; however, he has said, he would not lead the party in any future elections.

The Liberal Democrats managed to win 11 seats, whilst The Brexit Party were not predicted to win any.

The Scottish National Party, which strongly opposes Brexit, won 48 of the 59 seats in Scotland.

The Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland took 8 seats.

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