The Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives is set to back the Trump impeachment case

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A US House of Representatives panel is expected to approve impeachment charges against President Donald Trump, in a historic day at the Capitol.

The Judiciary Committee debated two articles of impeachment, alleging the abuse of power and the obstruction of the Congress.

A full vote – by the Democratic-run House next week – will likely make him the third US president ever impeached.

The Judiciary Committee of the US House of Representatives has however postponed voting on the articles of the impeachment.
The Committee will now stand in recess, until 10.00am, tomorrow(14/12/2019).
The Democrats on the Committee maintain that the President should be impeached, but Trump’s fellow Republicans are demanding amendments to the articles, saying that no evidence of wrongdoing has been presented.

The Democrats are hoping the impeachment articles will pass the full House, as early as next week, where they hold a majority.

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