Plans to dispose clinical waste at Muthu-rajawela

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Director General of Health Services: Dr. Anil Jaasinghe says, amidst the upper-middle-income-earning countries in the world, Sri Lanka is at the forefront, in the public health sector.

Dr. Jaasinghe says, the World Health Organization has confirmed this status, and Sri Lanka is being observed by other countries, as it is ahead, in the public health sector.
He points out, a ‘health centre’ can be found, within every two kilometres, in the country.

Speaking to the Subharathee Discussion Programme aired over the SLBC this morning, Dr. Jaasinghe said, the government spends over 200 billion rupees on the health sector, annually.
He points out, this is an investment on the health and wellbeing of the public.

Dr. Jaasinghe also stated, although clinical waste from hospitals were disposed at Mulleriyawa, plans are underway to dispose such waste in Muthu-rajawela, in the future.
The incinerator built for this purpose will be declared open in February. He explained, until then, such waste will be disinfected and stored in sealed containers.

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