Attention focused on opening additional exit points along Expressways, during the forthcoming festive season

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As the rush on expressways could increase during the forthcoming festive season resulting in vehicular traffic congestion, the Road Development Authority plans to expand the required facilities.

Thereby, Additional Director General of the Road Development Authority: S. Opanayaka says, considering the number of vehicles that exit through the interchanges – including at Pinnaduwa, Godagama, Kottawa and Kadawatha – steps will be taken to open additional exit points.

A revision in the toll table has been effected, when proceeding from Kottawa to Katunayaka, along the Outer Circular Highway.
Mr. Opanayaka says although payments were charged at two points previously, upon the instructions of the new Ministry Secretary, steps have been taken to charge payments at one point.

He notes, after the Outer Circular Expressway was connected with the Katunayaka Expressway, vehicular traffic movement has increased by around 12,000 to 15,000 vehicles, which head towards Seeduwa, Ja-ela and Katunayaka, daily.

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