University admissions to be increased up to 50,000 students

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Minister Bandula Gunawardena says, the government’s objective is to increase the number of university admissions, up to 50,000 entrants.
He further states, as per the manifesto of President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the government’s objective is to provide higher education opportunities to a majority of students.
The Minister further states, he has called for a report from the Vice Chancellors of Universities, on the future steps to be taken in this regard. The report is expected next week.

The Minister also stated, the proposals put forward with regard to replacing the ‘Z’ Score system will be implemented within the next two years. He emphasized, the proposed new system will not imply to students who sat for their GCE Advanced Level Examination, last August. He further stated, alterations to the ‘Z’ Score system need to be done properly, and it is necessary for students sitting for their GCE Ordinary Level Examination to be educated on the matter.

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