The new policy statement of the government released to the internet

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The government’s new policy statement has been uploaded to the internet. It has been introduced to achieve the four fold objectives of creating a productive citizen, the happy family, a disciplined and fair society and a prosperous nation. The primary aim of the new state policy is to maintain the economic growth at 6.5 percent of the Gross Domestic Product or at a higher rate under the economic programme e between 2020 and 2025. It also aims to achieve a per capita income of more than 6,500 dollars. The policy expects to maintain the unemployment rate below four percent and the inflation below five percent. The state policy also aims to maintain the budget deficit less than four percent of the Gross Domestic Product by managing the state income and expenditure. Guidance has been provided to maintain interest rates at single digit and to stabilize the value of the rupee. All government institutions should implement the new state policy when implementing tasks related to their subjects. The policy statement can be obtained by logging into website in all three languages.

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COVID-19 Situation Report
2020-Aug-06 | 08:08

Total Confirmed Cases - 2,839
Active Cases - 291
New Cases - 00
Total number of individuals in hospitals - 68
Recovered & Discharged - 2,537
Deaths - 11