UNP MPs inspect Narahenpita Economic Center

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A group of UNP parliamentarians inspected the Narahenpita Economic Center yesterday. The inspection was conducted to find out whether sellers had adhered to controlled prices imposed by the government and whether the VAT benefit had been passed onto the customer. The group of parliamentarians also checked whether the rice sold, was of standard quality.

Rice Prices skyrocketed to over 100 rupees per kilogram during the month while vegetable prices also increased by over 100 percent in most of the areas in the country.

On 19 December, The Consumer Affairs Authority gazetted the maximum retail price of a kilogram of local samba and nadu rice at 98 rupees.

On the 18 of December, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had visited the center unannounced and inspected the prices of rice and other goods.

Last week, the CAA said that 703 sellers have been taken to task for not adhering to the controlled p

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