The United National Party prepares to contest the Parliamentary Election, with a well-planned strategy.

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Parliamentarian Vajira Abeywardhana says, the United National Party will strategically contest the Parliamentary Election.
The compilation of the winning formula is underway these days.
Speaking at a media briefing held at Siri Kotha today, the MP called on the citizens to act based upon wisdom when voting at the Parliamentary Election, and observe the political mechanism logically.

Joining in the media briefing, Parliamentarian Sandeep Samarasinghe said, in the back drop of a shortage of lecturers and issues pertaining to hostel facilities at universities, the government needs to explain as to how they intend to provide better facilities for students who have qualified for university entrance.
He further stated, a clear vision on the government’s development projects is not seen, and the people’s aspirations have still not been fulfilled.

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