All tax concessions granted by the government are to be enjoyed by the public from tomorrow (1/1/2020).

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Minister Bandula Gunawardhana says, the tax concessions granted by the government will be enjoyed by the public from tomorrow (1/1/2020).

Speaking at a media briefing held in Colombo today, the Minister further stated, many programmes have been launched to open the doors of higher education for students who have qualified for university entrance in 2020. Thereby, two batches of students will be registered, in one enrolment, next year.

The government hopes to face the challenge of making use of unutilized lecture halls, and conducting lectures during the night time.
The Minister says, university lecturers and the state sector will have to make some sacrifices in this initiative, and he also expects the co-operation of the parents and students.

In addition, it is intended to add new universities to the university network. He further states, a plan – jointly with the Ministry of Education and the Department of Examinations will be launched, to mitigate the inconvenience caused to students, due to delays when releasing O/Level and A/Level results.

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