Steps have been taken to provide fertilizer without a shortage during the Yala season

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Minister Bandula Gunawardhana says that the Ministry of Agriculture has made arrangements to provide fertilizer during the ‘Yala Season’ without any problems. He said that the Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa disclosed at the cabinet meeting that a shortage of fertilizer occurred to the country during the past as a huge amount of money due to fertilizer importers was not paid. He said that 3 billion rupees out of outstanding 9 billion rupees has been paid through the allocations of the supplementary estimate. The Minister said that accordingly the fertilizer secretariat has assured to provide fertilizer without a shortage in future. Minister Gunwardhana mention this while replying to a question raced by media at the cabinet press meeting in Colombo today.

The cabinet has approved to take necessary measures to control and minimized human elephant conflict. Accordingly monitoring committees will be setup at rural, regional, district and national levels. Secretary to the ministry of public administration will provide necessary instructions to district and divisional secretaries.

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