UNDP commends the efforts of President Rajapaksa on the implementation of sustainable development programmes.

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UNDP Resident Coordinator Hanaa Singer commends the efforts of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa about the implementation of sustainable development programmes in the country. Miss Singer made these comments when she met the President at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday. The discussion focused on many subjects including alleviation of poverty, climate change, digitalization of state services and problems relating to missing persons. President Rajapaksa briefed the UNDP representative on the initiatives taken by the new government to elevate poverty focusing on low income families. Employment opportunities are created in new ventures to increase the income level of low income families. Meanwhile, the digitalization of the state sector is being implemented successfully, the President added. The project will be carried out with the support of Information Technology agencies, education and higher education ministries. The president also focused its attention on the issues of missing persons. The government will take effective measures to provide the basic facilities and livelihood development programs for the affected families of missing persons.

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