The Prime Minister says the government will intervene soon to restore the Colombo stock exchange.

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Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse says that the government will intervene to restore the Colombo stock exchange. The Prime Minister mentioned this during a discussion this morning with the brokers at the Colombo Stock Exchange. The Brokers association pointed out that the large number of broking companies were closed during the past since the Colombo Stock exchange collapsed during the past four and half years. Therefore, they said that a large group of people employed at those companies lost their jobs. The Prime Minister emphasized that privatization of state institutions under any circumstances is not the policy of the government. The Broking companies said that foreign investment should be expected and employees provident fund and employees trust fund should be instructed to invest in the Colombo Stock exchange to increase the transactions at the Colombo Stock Exchange. The Prime Minister said that the government will launch an accelerated programme to restore the economy and prominence will be given to develop the Colombo Stock Exchange.

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