The President says police should act without fear in discharging duties

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President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday said law enforcement officers should carry out their duties without any fear or favour, but their actions should strictly be in compliance with the law.

In a statement, the President’s Office said that any arrest should be carried out only when absolutely necessary and in strict compliance of the law.

As arrest is not part of the punishment and results in the serious deprivation of liberty of citizens and other significant implications, such as loss of reputation and standing in the society, arrest to be carried out only when absolutely necessary and upon a decision taken with utmost care and in strict compliance of the law, President Rajapaksa instructed Acting Inspector General of Police Senior DIG C. D. Wickramaratne.

The President further directs the Police to ensure that, necessity to arrest to be made entirely on the professional judgement.

Due respect should be given by officers discharging such duties to the Members of Parliament as representatives of the people and professionals such as Doctors.

The Police was further directed by the President to apply same equally to all citizens of Sri Lanka without any discrimination whatsoever nature and under no circumstances carried out for extraneous purposes and should not tolerate any undue influence.

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