A cabinet paper submitted to reduce tax on lands

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Minister S.M. Chandrasena says that planes have been drawn up to provide land deeds to the people living in safe lands without legal land deeds. He said that there are about 1.1 million individuals living in those lands. The deeds will be given after gathering accurate information about them. During a media briefing in Colombo today, the minister said that they expect to provide 200 thousand permits by the end of next month. The President has instructed to reduce tax paid by the public on lands. The minister said that the relevant cabinet paper will be submitted soon. Short term and long term programmes will be launched to minimize human-elephant conflict. The minister said that certain people are spreading a rumours on social media when cultivations are done by clearing shrubs to chase way wild elephants at Anuradhapura, Thambuththegama, Oluwalayaya area. He said that the project has been launched to control storming of villagers by the wild elephants. The minister further said that the action taken by the wild life officials when trying to refill a mangrove land in Negambo to build a ground, is correct.

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2020-Jul-03 | 05:07

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