The President called on all stakeholders to dedicate themselves to establish reconciliation among communities.

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President Maithripala Sirisena called on all stakeholders to dedicate themselves to establish reconciliation, religious harmony and co-existence among the communities while developing the villages islandwide. The main objective of this development drive should focus on religious harmony and reconciliation. The President also said the benefits of the development programmes should reach the common masses. Mega work plans are being implemented to provide maximum benefits and relief to the general public. The President made these remarks during a function held at Lankapura Alhilalpura Jumma Mosque yesterday.

180 development projects were vested in the public during the last 3 days under re-awakening Polonnaruwa district programme. Yesterday was the last day of this process. 61 projects have been vested with the public today under the patronage of the President. Around 40 projects out of the total projects vested in the public today were focused on school education and related matters. Many building complexes and class room buildings were declared open yesterday for the benefit of the school children in the district. The development activities carried out at Alhilalpura Jumma Mosque also vested in the public.

Meanwhile, construction work of a new building complex for the Hingurakdamana Kaashayapa piriven at a cost of 14 million rupees commenced under the instructions of the President.

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