The government has issued a special circular containing the actions to be taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

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The Ministry of home affairs has issued a new circulation containing measures to get rid of the impact of the new corona virus or COVID -19 .
The ministry says that it is the responsibility of the government, semi –government institutions and the private institutions to contribute for the prevention of spread of corona to a state of an epidemic as a fair number of individuals infected with the new corona virus is reported from Sri Lanka. .The ministry of Public Administration has issued a set of instructions to all chief secretaries ,district secretaries and divisional secretaries .A task force headed by the governor of the western province Dr Sestha Arambepola has been set up to take necessary measures to control the spread of new corona virus. The general public can inform all the relevant information to this task force functioning at No.1090, Sri Jayawardenepura Mawatha , Rajagiriya by dialing 117.
The circular also states that all district secretaries, divisional secretaries and Graman Niladaries should set up a center at each of their offices to report information related to anti-corona activities. The head of police station in the area is required to assign a police officer to assist the center. Ministries, Departments, corporations and statutory boards should also set up a center at each of their offices to provide information related to corona virus to divisional secretaries.

Information about the suspected persons infected with the coronavirus in these areas should be reported to the health authorities. Awareness programmes on corona should be conducted with the assistance of the local civil Defence committees or dengue prevention committees and the security forces.

The suspected persons infected with the coronavirus will be referred for quarantine. The secretaries of the ministries and head of departments should grant leave on par with the establishment code to persons returning from abroad and the government servants who are undergoing self-quarantine.
The public administration ministry also instructs the relevant officers to minimize the number of persons coming to government offices for various official requirements. The Ministry has through the circulation made provisions to settle issues of the general public who are, otherwise ,coming to offices on public day, through the use of telephones and e-mail as a measure to minimize their arrivals. At the government offices liquid and soap should be made available for hand washing for government servants and general public who come to these offices. The Ministry reminds that programmes such as training sessions and meetings where a fair number of public servants or the general public may assemble have been temporally suspended. The government says that if the corona situation in the country spread further, the activities of government offices have to be restricted. Under such circumstances only the staff officers and essential support staff members should report for duty. The Ministry says that head of ministries and departments will have the right to take this decision. The updated information on the states of corona is available on the website of the epidemiology unit of the Health Ministry The ministries and departments should publish the instructions issued by the Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry. The ministry through its circular emphasizes the need of maintenance of essential public services under any circumstances. The relevant officers in the public service should made arrangements to ensure that the services such as supply of food, medicine, water, electricity health services and international banking services are conducted without any interruption though today is a holiday. The circular signed by the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administrations Home Affairs S. Hettiarachchi also emphasizes the need to be vigilant about the circulation of fake information. Information from the recognized sources should be circulated.

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