The number of coronavirus patients has increased upto 102

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Director General of Health Services consultant Dr.Anil Jaasinghe says that public support is essential for the government’s move to contain he spread of virus. 102 cases have been identified so far. Five more cases were detected yesterday by the health authorities. Three of them are have arrived in the island from Italy, and the other is from USA. Dr.Jaasinghe further says that social alienation is essential to prevent the virus spreading among the public. Therefore, public should avoid gathering as much as possible. People should not unnecessarily panic and gather into markets to purchase food items. He added that it is not essential for the people to wear masks. It has been reported that public are prevented entering some offices and bank premises without wearing masks. Dr.Anil Jaasinghe said that people have the right to enter government offices, banks and any other place without masks.

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COVID-19 Situation Report
2020-Apr-03 | 19:04

Total Confirmed Cases - 152
Active Cases - 125
New Cases - 1
Total number of individuals in hospitals - 250
Recovered & Discharged - 22
Deaths - 4