The Sinhala and Tamil New Year

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Punya Kalaya or auspicious time begins at 1.59 pm tomorrow and ends at 2.47 a.m. on Tuesday 14th of April.
The new solar year, the new moon should be viewed on April 26 and for the new lunar year, the new moon should be viewed on May 26.
The Sinhala and Tamil New Year dawns at 08.23 pm tomorrow.
The auspicious time to prepare meals begins tomorrow at 10.05 pm, dressed in white and facing the East, one should prepare milk rice, accompanied by aggala and sweets made of sesame seeds.
Starting work, transactions and consuming meals should begin at 10.43 pm clad in white and facing the East.
After anointing with herbal nanu mixed with oil extracted from Kohomba(Naem) at 9.17 am on Wednesday, April 15th dressed in green facing the north.
Leaving for occupations begins on Friday April 17 at 7.56 am. One should be dressed in light blue and consume milk rice mixed with Jaggery and sesame seeds. One should face the East when leaving the house.

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