Adverse weather claims a life of one individual. Another has gone missing in Maoya river. Heavy rain and wind disrupt power supply in many areas

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The met department says the low pressure area developing in the Bay of Bengal will become a cyclone in the coming few days. Director general of the met department Athula Karunanayake says due to the impact of this situation heavy rains over 200 milimeters will experience in Western, southern, Sabaragamuwa and central provinces. The department requests the fishing and naval personnel to prevent from going into deep sea.

The disaster management center says water levels of many rivers in the island have reached to spill level due to heavy rain. Assistant director of the centre, Pradeep Kodippili told the SLBC that one person drowned in Galigamuwa, Wattarama area. Another person in Welladeniya area has gone missing in Maoya river.

Meanwhile, power supply in many areas in the Kegalle, Kurunegala, Rathnapura, Galle, Matara and Rathnapura districts has been disrupted due to gale post winds. Many power lines and utility posts have been broken by the wind. About 45 thousand persons have been affected due to power failure. The people living in low lying areas closed to basins of Mee Oya, Deduru Oya, Aththanagalu Oya, Kelani, Kalu, Benthara, Gin and Nilwala rivers, Kirama Oya and Uruboku Oya have been advised to be vigilant on the rising water level.
The disaster management center says that 21 houses in the Welikanda divisional secretariat area have been damaged due to adverse weather.

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