India reports biggest COVID-19 case spike in last 24 hours

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The COVID-19 pandemic in India grew by the highest number yet on Friday when as many as 6,088 cases were detected across the country. The total number of coronavirus patients in India increased to 118,501. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi registered record number of COVID-19 cases on Thursday. The death toll from the virus touched 3,585. As many as 150 coronavirus patients succumbed to death in last 24 hours. Maharashtra confirmed 64 deaths yesterday— one of the highest in single-day tolls in the state since the outbreak. There were 66,330 active coronavirus patients in the country. On the brighter side, nearly 40% of the total coronavirus patients were recovered so far. More than 48,000 have been cured from the deadly infection.

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COVID-19 Situation Report
2020-May-22 | 22:05

Total Confirmed Cases - 1068
Active Cases - 439
New Cases - 13
Total number of individuals in hospitals - 110
Recovered & Discharged - 620
Deaths - 9