Information has been revealed that Islamic extremists’ activities were in operation since 2004 in the country.

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Former Director of the State Intelligence Service and the CID, DIG Keerthi Gajanayake says that information has been found that Islamic extremists’ activities were in operation since 2004. He said that the person who is considered to be the leader of India’s Tawheed Jamaat organization who arrived in the country for a lecture in 2004 was deported and included in the blacklist. He said this while giving evidence at the Presidential Commission to inquire into the Easter Sunday bomb attacks. Mr. Gajanayake said that he worked as the director of the State Intelligence Service since 2003 and a separate unit has been established at State Intelligence Service since 2002 to regulate Islamist extremist activities. He further said that during his term of office he had been given the facility to meet the President and the Defence Secretary at any time and he was given a hotline number to contact them. He added that the IGP has the ability to give a specific order when intelligence information is received.

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