Today Sri Lanka commemorates the 46th Republic Day

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Today marks the Republic Day of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka became a Republic on 22nd May 1972, with the adoption of a new Constitution. Today Sri Lanka commemorates the 46th Republic Day. Every year on May 22 All Ministries, Government Departments, Statutory Corporations and other State institutions commemorated Republic Day. Heads of the department with the participation of staff hoisted the national flag and delivered a short speech on the importance of this Day.

The then Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and National Integration distributed brochures titled the ‘Birth of a Republic’ among school students explaining its significance; that the country achieved real independence from imperialists. The independence, the country achieved on 4th February, 1948 became meaningful through the Republic Constitution in 1972. Dr. Colvin R. De Silva played a prominent role in the compilation of this Constitution as the Minister of Constitutional Affairs in addition to his Plantations portfolio.

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