The Prime Minister believes people will get benefits of a strong economy soon

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has pointed out that the government is methodically taking forward the economy. He said that there was a mountain of debt when the government came into power. But, the government has been able to stabilize the economy. The government had to take some difficult decisions. The people underwent hardships. The Prime Minister said that the people had been able to receive benefits of the present strong economy, although, they had to undergo difficulties.

The Prime Minister mentioned this during a function today at the temple trees to handover appointment letters to 4,100 graduates. Speaking on the occasion, Minister Sagala Rathnayaka said, it was the first phase of providing employment to unemployed graduates. He said that several stages would be implemented in future. Minister Vajira Abeywardena pointed out that the government increased salaries of public servants after coming into power.

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