President appeals to BIMSTEC leaders to take collective steps against drug menace.

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President Maithripala Sirisena called upon the leaders of the states in the Bay of Bengal Region to take collective steps against drug menace narcotics smugglers use ocean routes for drug smuggling.

Addressing the 4th Summit of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation, he drew the attention of the leaders to the drug menace which is a great obstacle for the progress of the world community. “It is the menace of drugs and narcotics, heroine, hashish, marijuana and other drugs that are smuggled into the country mainly by sea. This has largely affected our youth and the school children. Illicit drugs have become the most serious challenge and we require more advanced technology and training for our coast guard to fight drug smuggling at sea.

The President urged the BIMSTEC Association, the world community, and all the states to commit themselves to fight illegal drugs trafficking collectively and individually through a robust international programme that is more organized and stronger than now.

The President said that some powerful corporate groups sometimes even succeed in toppling governments and the leaders should be vigilant about them.

He pointed out that climate change and natural disasters adversely affect the economies of the countries in the Bay of Bengal region emphasized that as the Bay of Bengal community, we have to find remedies to these challenges and work towards commitment for poverty alleviation under the BIMSTEC Poverty Plan of Action.

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