New quarantine laws gazetted.

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The Health Ministry has taken measures to issue a special gazette notification on new quarantine laws which includes the implementation of key health safety measures such as keeping social distance at public places and wearing masks.

The gazette notification was signed by Health Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi yesterday. With the issuance of this new gazette notification,courts will be able to impose a fine of not exceeding Rs.10,000 or six months imprisonment for violators of these regulations.

In addition, this gazette notification will also include the COVID-19 prevention and control guidelines for workplaces and business places. Accordingly, everyone who enters workplaces and business places must wear a face mask at all times: Maintaining a social distance of not less than one meter between two people: Measure the body temperature of each person before entering the workplace: Adequate hand washing facilities with antiseptic liquid: Maintain a record of the name, identity card number and contact information of each entrant.

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