The requests made by Madurankuliya people to president, bring results

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The development activities to Andigama through Madurankuliya, Mahakumbukkadawala on Colombo-Puttalam main road, playground of Madurankuliya modal school and Jeewanagama-Kapuwatta road have reached the last stage. Development project were implemented according to requests made by the people when President Gotabhaya Rajapakse toured the Puttam district on the 19th of last month. When the President visited Madurankuliya modal school, the request made by the students was directed to the army engineering regiment. Constructions have been completed by about 90 percent during a short period of 18 days. The Playground has been developed by filling it up and with a new drain system to prevent it from submerging during rains. The President also instructed to remove the unsafe building on the playground. Accordingly a new building will be constructed at the place.

Jeewanagama-Kapuwatta road is being developed by laying asphalt, according to a request made to the president by the people in the area. One billion rupees is being spent on the development activities. The people in formed the president about the dilapidated condition of Colombo-Puttalam main road to Andigama through Madurankuliya, Mahakumbukkadawala. Accordingly a stretch of 9.7 kilometers of the road is being developed by laying asphalt at a cost of 250 million rupees.

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