BCI Campus offers ‘BRIDGE’: University Preparation Programme

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BCI campus, Negombo recently launched BRIDGE; a university preparation programme developed in line with the curriculum of the pre-university bridging programme recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education for prospective IT and Management undergraduates of non-state universities. Applications are now being accepted for the programme from prospective students who wish to develop essential skills in IT, English, Mathematics and Management required for university studies.

This initiative is aimed at bridging the knowledge gap and developing the necessary skills that have been identified as lacking in post-secondary (A/L) students. Last year, the Ministry of Education introduced this curriculum as a pre-university bridging programme specially designed for prospective IT undergraduates with no background in sciences, and prospective management undergraduates who have not studied commerce for their A/Ls. Adapting the said curriculum as a foundation, BCI has further enhanced the programme with value additions including guest lectures by renowned personalities, industry visits and opportunities to engage in various projects and initiatives.

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