Attention will be focused to quarantine beggars in the Colombo city

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Colombo district secretary Pradeep Yasaratne says that the government has paid attention to quarantine the beggars who are staying in Colombo city. More than 60 beggars have been identified for quarantined. He said the necessary court orders will be taken to quarantined all of them. Participating in the Torrington operation programme of the SLBC today, he said that 360 beggars in the Colombo city have been quarantined.

He said the dry ration worth 10,000 thousand rupees will be given to the families who are in under self-quarantined. At present this concession has already been given to the 9,600 families. Measures will also be taken to provide relief for 249 families living in flats in the Angulana area which was isolated.

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