The President attends ‘Gama Samaga Pilisandarak’ program in the Anurhadapura District today

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As a good part of this year was consumed on battling COVID-19, the Government is making plans to bounce back stronger next year with more stress on self-reliance on the economic front.

‘Gama Samaga Pilisandarak’ and ‘Weda Samaga Yali Gamata’ are two novel programmes aimed at encouraging community participation in the Government’s work programme. In line with President Gotabaya Rajepakse’s “vistas of prosperity and splendour” National policy Framework the president is participating in a special program at Kabathigollawa Kanugahaweva Primary school in Anurhadapura today.

The above two programmes help the Government to understand the ground realities and the people’s real needs and draw village-level development plans accordingly. The Government, through these means, seeks the active contributions of all tiers of the society to make its work plan a success.

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