14 covid infected persons have been identified by conducting random test.

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Media spokesman of prison Chandana Ekanayake says that 4124 covid infected persons reported from the prison cluster. He told the SLBC that there were 125 prison officials and 461 male inmates among them. Nine female inmates were also among them. The most of the Covid cases were reported from the Welikada prisons.


Police media spokesman Ajith Rohana says that 14 Covid cases have been identified from the random PCR test and rapid antigen test conducted yesterday. 1060 persons were subjected for random test yesterday. 81 persons who do not wear face marks have been taken into custody yesterday. He also stated that 2253 persons have been taken into custody from the 30th of October.

Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana said two suspects have been arrested in the area of Modara while in possession of a smuggled-in consignment of turmeric. During a raid carried out by the officers of Modara Police, a total of 1,128kg of turmeric concealed in 24 parcels was taken into custody along with a lorry.

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