It has been observed, the reluctance to study two languages, is an obstacle in implementing the National Language Policy.

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Head of the National Languages Training Institute: T.M.K.B.Tennakoon says, Language Proficiency must be bestowed on all sections of society, including public servants, school children, and the common masses, in order to bring about reconciliation among the ethnicities. Speaking to the Subharathee Discussion Programme aired over the SLBC this morning, he observed, the reluctance some have to study two languages is an obstacle in implementing the National Language Policy. Therefore he emphasizes, a change of attitude is a must. Mr. Tennakone also noted, the dearth of language teachers also creates a lapse in language education. He urged the Ministry of Education to take necessary steps to rectify this situation.

Also joining in the discussion, Acting Director General of the Department of Official Languages: Sanoji Perera noted, Language Studies should begin at a very early age. She pointed out, since it is necessary to serve the public in both the Sinhala and Tamil Languages, it is a responsibility of public servants to learn Sinhala and Tamil. She further stated, it is disappointing to note, certain public servants appear for Language Proficiency Examinations just for the sake of obtaining salary increments.

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