The president emphasizes that problems in the remote areas cannot be solved from the offices in Colombo

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President Gotabhaya Rajapakse says that by working hard people’s recognition can be gained. He pointed out that he became the president by working hard as a secretary and gaining recognition of the people. The president mentioned this at the 09th Gama Samaga Pilisandarak Programme which is now taking place at Kegalle, Daraniyagala, Dikkella-kanda school. The president said that nationalism cannot be protected without a proper economic plan. He emphasized that a national leadership would be lost if a proper local economic process was not implemented. The president said that Gama Samaga Pilisandarak programme was launched to provide solutions to the problems of rural communities and to take the development to villages. President Rajapakse pointed out that he never attempted to move among the people through media circuses. He said that getting recognition from the people by hard work, sets a good example to young politicians. The president noted that problems in the remote areas cannot be solved from the offices in Colombo. He said that it is essential to visit those areas to solve them. He further said a development in rural communities cannot be expected without improving the local economy and developing the country. He added that the environment must be protected along with development and power of the nature should be utilized for humanity.

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