Opportunities will be made for the opposition to have a parliamentary debate regarding the  Commission Report of Easter Sunday attacks

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Minister Keheliye Rambukwella says that if the opposition is asking for a parliamentary debate regarding to the reports of Easter  Sunday Commission Council, action will be taken  according to the parliamentary traditions.  The relevant report was submitted to the cabinet yesterday. It is scheduled to be presented to the  parliament. Participating in the  Cabinet Information  Media briefing, he said opportunities will be made for  any person  to investigate it  after it has become a common circular.

Minister Ramesh Pathirana said that mediation of cabinet ministers or political influence  will not  be conducted for the institutions which are implementing  judiciary regarding the commission report.


Answering to a question raised by a media-man, he said the government is expected  to provide vaccines to more than one billion  people of the population. The approval of cabinet has been received to purchase  28 million dozes of vaccines under the Covax facility


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