The Finance Minister says that the government has successfully faced the Rupee depreciation crisis.

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Minister Mangala Samaraweera says that the government has faced successfully the crisis of depreciation of the value of the Rupee. Many suggested to use the foreign reserves to control the rupee depression. Making a special statement yesterday, the minister said that the government did not use the foreign exchange to control the situation. The minister highlighted that value of the rupee has depreciated in a record level by 14 percent in 2012 during the Rajapakse regime.

The Minister added that US dollar in increasing rapidly during this year. The US government has given many benefits to the US investors. So the US investors have brought the invested money back to the US. The US dollar is strengthened due to this reason. Many countries in the world have faced difficulties as a result of this. Many world currencies have weakened against the US dollar. The Minister emphasized that the Sri Lankan economy is marching forward steadily. He expressed hopes that by the year 2025 Sri Lanka will be a rich country through this process.

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